Maria Ossowska


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Maria Jadwiga Ossowska (16 and 1896 to 1813 VIII 1974), theoretician of morality, philosopher and sociologist. Born in Warsaw, daughter of Kazimierz Roman Niedźwiecki (civil servant and participant in the January 1863 Insurrection and Józefa Otwinowska, married to Stanisław (1924).

  • 1915-21 studied philosophy at University of Warsaw
  • 1921-22 studied at Collége de France in Paris
  • 1921 granted doctoral degree at University of Warsaw
  • 1932 granted habilitation at University of Warsaw
  • 1932-39 dozent in Chair of Philophy I at University of Warsaw
  • 1941-44 chaired Philosophical Section in underground university under German occupation
  • 1945-48 extraordinary profesor in chargé of Chair of Science of morality at University of Łódź
  • 1948 ordinary professor
  • 1948-52, 1956-66 in charge of Chair in History and Theory of Morality at University of Warsaw
  • 1956-1962 in charge of History and Theory of Morality Unit at Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of Polish Academy of Sciences


Maria Jadwiga Ossowska (16 I 1896 – 13 VIII 1974)